It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to St. Mary’s Secondary School, Mallow and I hope this website will provide you with an insight into all aspects of school life. We are an all girls, post-primary Catholic school in the trusteeship of CEIST, and are inspired by the educational vision of the Catherine McAuley and the Mercy Tradition.

We at St. Mary’s have a proud record of academic excellence. Our State examination results reflect the school’s high academic standards and the importance we place on teaching and learning. The tradition is based on a high academic curriculum delivered by a team of professional, dedicated and committed teachers, whose goal is to enable each of our students to reach her full potential.

This, however, is not the sole focus of the school. We encourage students to participate in a wide ranging extra and co-curricular programme and in so doing nurture their holistic development. Most importantly, we encourage our school community to look outwards and become agents for social change through involvement in initiatives supporting justice in our community, while at the same time helping students develop a strong personal faith.

Our goal is that each and every one of our students feels supported, respected and valued as an individual within a caring, inclusive and compassionate school environment.

It is my hope that as you browse through our website you will discover a vibrant school community, characterised by an atmosphere of warmth and vitality where our pupils are active, secure and most importantly happy throughout their educational experience here with us at St. Mary’s.

Yvonne Bane