The Aemilian Theatre







The Aemilian Theatre

In 2007 the Board of Management of St Mary’s Secondary School, Mallow, took the decision to refurbish an old school hall and create a state of the art theatre for school and community use.

The old hall was originally built in 1966 and served as an all-purpose hall in the old school, being used for PE, Drama, and Concerts and as an examination center. In the planning for the new school, which was opened in 2004, the Department of Education listed the various blocks in the old school, including the old hall, for demolition. Thanks to the vision of the teaching staff, the Board of Management applied to the Department for permission to retain the old hall for the purpose of Music and drama. The Department reluctantly agreed but only on condition that the building be ‘decoupled’ from the school. That meant that the school would never receive grant aid for either refurbishment or maintenance of the old hall. However, thanks to the generosity of the local community, parents, staff, teachers it has been possible to convert the old hall into a brand new theatre…

Now that the refurbishment project has been completed, the doors of the new theatre are now open for school and community performances and activities. The new theatre is very well equipped with spacious foyer, stage, and auditorium, dressing rooms, kitchen and lighting/sound control room. It can seat up to 200 people and it is available for hire to all theatre and drama groups in Cork County and indeed further afield.

The Theatre is available for hire by Contacting 086 0576738 or 022 21998 or by emailing

All Sports Facilities including pitch, and rooms throughout the school are also available for hire via