Leaving Cert Geo Investigation 2017 (Ballybunion)

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Leaving Cert. Geography Class Trip to Ballybunion. 06/09/2017.

 Our visit to the coastal area of Ballybunion was a wonderful day out and proved a very successful Geographical Investigation. Fair weather and very low tides, together with a stimulating presentation from Petroleum Geoscientist Professor Peter Haughton of UCD made for a very impressive geographical experience for all the students.

 Experiencing the “Cliff Walk” in glorious sunshine provided us with a stimulating view of the famous “Nine Daughters Hole” blowhole and that hidden gem “The Nuns Beach” with its dramatic surrounding cliffs and sea arch – a Geographer’s delight!

 Exploring and measuring cave dimensions, calculating cliff heights using clinometers etc., identifying and measuring wave cut platform, analysing rock strata, type and composition, plus wading into the swash and backwash to undertake wave frequency counts and “load” samples kept us busy throughout. All students present had a most enjoyable learning experience which we trust will inspire them in writing up their account of this Geographical Investigation as part of the Leaving Cert. Exam Syllabus.          

C. Curtin/O’Brien.